21th Conference on Environment and Mineral Processing and workshop “Critical Raw Materials for the 21st Century”

Datum / čas
Date(s) - 1. 6. 2017 - 3. 6. 2017
8.00 - 23.00

Místo konání
Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava


Webové stránky pořadatele https://www.hgf.vsb.cz/EAMP/cs

The Conference

The conference focuses on the new knowledge in the science and technology of mineral processing and environmental protection.

Mineral processing

  • Processing of low-grade ores
  • Flotation and flocculation
  • Hydrometallurgical processes
  • Solid – liquid separation
  • Recovery of precious metals, such as gold, silver, etc.
  • Beneficiation of industrial and ceramic raw materials
  • Coal preparation, desulfurization, briquetting and coking
  • Crushing, milling, sizing and agglomeration
  • Bulk materials
  • Decrease in foreign matter in mineral raw material intended for sale



  • Innovation for less polluting emission processes
  • Soil contamination
  • Tailing and waste disposal in chemically stable and environmentally friendly way
  • Environmental management, clean production, EIA, EMS, EMAS, IPPC
  • Environmental problems of mining and industrial landscape
  • Land reclamation
  • Waste and recycling legislation
  • Sampling and chemical analysis of wastes



  • Recycling of industrial wastes (metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, of a power plant, after mining and mineral processing activities, food industry)
  • Recycling of municipal refuse, plastics, car wrecks, hospital, agricultural, radioactive wastes
  • Recycling of spoils and demolition waste
  • Introducing new technologies for electronic processing
  • Alternative processing of tail wastes aiming at maximum recycling and utilization
  • Business activities in the range of mineral processing and waste recycling

Environmental biotechnology

  • Mechanical biological processing for wastes
  • Disposal of biodegradable wastes
  • Biochemical techniques for extraction or purification
  • Microbial functions for degradation of pollutants
  • Bioremediation, bioaccumulation
  • Biocorrosion
  • Bioenergy, biomass
  • Biotechnological applications
  • Biopolymers and bioplastics

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